8 Week Health and Fitness Bootcamp
*Only 30 spots available

May 14, 2018- July 1, 2018

Chris Hughes NASM-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of The Driven Dad 

Dr. Adrian Chavez

Founder, Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast
Why Fitness is YOUR DUTY as a father
As Fathers we are required to fulfill a tremendous amount of responsibilities and expectations. It is our job to provide for and protect our family, be a positive role model for our children, and serve and love our wives.

Fulfilling this role to our maximum potential requires physical and mental strength, agility, endurance, mental focus.

This is why we train.

The longer we are able to serve this role and provide for our families the better.

This is why we exercise discipline in our eating habits and make wise choices most of the time.

We believe that fitness is merely another responsibility of fatherhood.
Driven Dads Bootcamp
The Driven Dads 8 Week Bootcamp is designed to establish new habits to help you take your health and fitness to the next level.

Dr. Chavez and Chris Hughes will set you up with a plan that is customized for you and coach you towards success.

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About US
Chris is a father of two kids, soon to be 3. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 2008-2012 and that is where he developed his passion for fitness. After the military Chris got certified as a personal trainer through NASM and began helping others take control of their health and fitness.

As a kid, no one in Chris's family made health a priority and they suffered from a myriad of health issues as a result of poor nutrition, lifestyle habits and lack of exercise. This included his own Dad who had a heart attack at 50 years old.

When Chris became a Dad in 2012 he knew that he wanted to set a better example and that is when he truly gained his passion for pairing Fatherhood and Fitness.

Chris is now a member of several Dad’s groups online, including his own group “The Driven Dad” where he helps Dad’s work on their health and fitness goals in addition to training a number of Dad’s directly.

Chris is committed to helping men improve their health and fitness and ultimately their life so they can maximize their roles as husbands, fathers and men.
Dr. Chavez is a full-time single father of one. He developed a passion for fitness through sports early in life, which translated into a passion for exercise science in college. Dr. Chavez earned his bachelor's and master's degree in exercise science from Texas State University. 

While working on his master's degree, Dr. Chavez realized that something was horribly wrong with the healthcare system in this country and he decided to do something about it. 

It was at that time that Dr. Chavez decided to pursue training in using natural medicines to help people heal which included him seeking out and earning a PhD in nutrition along with completing several training programs and reading hundreds of books.

As a farther now, Dr. Chavez, is passionate about helping men create their best health  so that they can lead their family by example.
Dr. Chavez 
Who is this program for?
  • Dads who want to kick ass with their health and fitness
Who is this program NOT for?
  • Dads who do not want to kick ass
  •  Women and childless men 
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