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Dr. Chavez is your trusted authority for all things nutrittion. Dr. Chavez holds a PhD in Nutrition from Arizona State University and he runs a highly rated podcast called Your Nutrition Prescription. Dr. Chavez is committed to the craft of using personalized nutrition to help people achieve their optimal body weight and health and keep it that way. 
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Nutrition + Nutritional Supplements 
Proper use of nutrition and nutritional supplements is part of the foundation of health and healing. We help you to discover a nutritional strategy that helps you to thrive and also help you to identify select nutritional supplements that could have a massive positive impact on your health. 
Lifestyle: Movement, Sleep, and Habits 
Your movement, sleep and daily habits and routines are another piece of the foundation of optimal health. We help you to optimize these areas of your life to support health and healing. 
Mindset and Mental Blocks 
Mindset is the most important and most overlooked aspect of creating true health. The first step in healing and achieving your highest health ambitions is to believe that it is possible. We work with you to identify and work through these mental blocks when they are holding our clients back. 
Results Pretty Typical
In one year of working with Dr. Chavez Steve was able to lose 50 pounds, get off of medications for blood pressure and cholesterol and completely astonish his doctors through his progress. Steve was not facing an urgent chronic health issue, but he was able to completely transform his life trajectory by being proactive with his health. 
Steve Birch
Denise worked with Dr. Chavez over the course of 1 year. During this time she was able to drop 40 pounds, eliminate debilitating digestive symptoms, reduce fatigue, anxiety, pain, and sleep issues.  Denise was fed up with GI specialists and we were able to get her digestive relief quickly, which is usually the case. 
Denise Naranjo
Stephanie worked with Dr. Chavez intensively on her gut health for 3 months and took that momentum and continued to work on her own for another year. Stephanie went from taking 8 prescription medications and dealing with chronic ongoing pain and fatigue stemming from endometriosis and likely autoimmune disease to taking only 1 medication and feeling well enough to become a health coach and share the message with others. 
Stephanie Potter 
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